Events and Training


Saturday Timed Competitions – see calendar for dates, times and description of event.

Thursday scenario events – see calendar for dates, times and description of event.

Weapons training


Basic Pistol

Participants in this class are introduced to the different types of pistols, pistol components, proper pistol grip, proper stance, pistol drawing and pistol firing.  The duration of this class is three to four hours.  Please see calendar for scheduled class dates and times.  Call 704-326-5000 to register for class.

The following classes will be coming soon:

Dynamic & Reactive Movement (DRM)

Taking the time to dissect and practice multiple techniques to address threats to oblique, lateral and reverse angles. These techniques will take into consideration the size of target areas and distance to threats. Coupled with reactive movement, getting shooters used to concept of movement away from the center line of attack, displacing in all cardinal directions, DRM puts into practice the concept of shooting & moving.

Reloads and Malfunction Remediation (RMR)

From the most basic of malfunctions to the more complex, RMR will allow shooters to expeditiously and efficiently react to and remediate the spectrum of handgun malfunctions.

Bi-Lateral Shooting (BLS)

The world is not built for right or left handed dominance. The entire shooting package will focus on presenting, shooting, reloading and fighting with the handgun in the support hand.

Defensive Handgun Fundamentals (DHF)

DHF is designed for new shooters and those interested in learning about the basic techniques in the use of a handgun for defensive purposes. Topics covered will be the fundamentals of marksmanship, concealed and open carry presentations, shooting responses and combative manipulations of your handgun at real life engagement distances.

Wounded and One-Handed Shooting (W/OS)

Taking unsupported shooting to another level, W/OS will drill one-handed only manipulations to include presentations and refunctions with both the dominant and support side of the body.

Multiple Threat Management (MTM)

Deadly force encounters are happening with multiple aggressors, how do you effectively manage and engage these deadly threats? Multiple threats, threats in depth, no shoots and unknowns will be addressed.

Shooting on the Move (SoTM)

There is a time to shoot, a time to move and a time to shoot on the move. Drilling different shooting platforms, students will understand shooting and moving tempos, advancing and retreating, lateral movement, and direction changes all while maintaining a
proper shooting platform.

Shooting Positions (SP)

Standing, kneeling, prone are just a few of the positions we will explore. Fighting from compromised positions and efficient recovery, SP serves as a preparatory clinic for CCT.

Cover and Concealment Tactics (CCT)

Selection of cover, proper index and use of cover, abandoning cover, and movement from and to locations that provide a level of ballistic protection will be drilled and practiced.

Diminished Light Conditions (DLC)

A vast majority of deadly force encounters happen during times and in locations with diminished lighting. How to effectively use your hand-held and/or weapon mounted light to effectively identify and engage threats and getting comfortable working in darkness will be covered.